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Please read through carefully, any payment made towards your invoice 
will be deemed as terms and conditions read and accepted.

1.    Your time slot depends on your selected package. Every hour spent at the venue after the pre-determined time slot will be charged at R 1 500 in cash.
2.    You will be reminded that your timeslot is almost up 30 minutes before the end of your timeslot by our hostess. Please start preparing to greet guests and gather your belongings at this time.
3.    Please ascertain that all information on your invoice is correct before making payment.
4.    Please do not exceed the maximum amount of guests as per your package the venue only caters for exact amounts of guests, if someone additional shows up they will have no where to sit and nothing to eat.
5.    A 50% deposit is payable as soon as possible to confirm your wedding date and chosen time slot, the balance is payable one month before your wedding day.
6.    Refund of money paid (of which R 1 000 is non-refundable) will only be considered if cancellations are made more than a month before the wedding date. No refunds will be applicable if the cancelation is made within a 30 day period before the wedding date.
7.    The format of the wedding and legal requirements is to be discussed beforehand with the marriage officer (MO) / lawyer. Simply Wed will put you into contact via email with the required professionals after all needed documents have been submitted. All queries regarding registration must also be discussed and referred directly to the MO / lawyer after the wedding has taken place.
8.    Please note that Home Affairs (DHA) will not register your marriage if all needed documents are not supplied. If all documents have been received the MO hands in for registration at the DHA the following week after your wedding. From here on in it is up to the DHA to process all your paperwork. Even though this is an internal DHA process over which the MO has no control the registration of your marriage will be followed up weekly. Please note that DHA can take anything from 3 weeks to 3 months to register your marriage.
9.    Please note that the photos taken and provided by the photographer is subject to use for Simply Wed marketing, unless arranged with the photographer directly. 
10.    Please also note that Simply Wed cannot be held accountable due to municipal malfunction or acts of God. 
11.    We also have cast iron fire pits available during the colder months. Please make fires at your own risk.
12.    You will be held responsible for any damage caused by yourselves / your guests / pets.
13.    You and your guests enter the premises at own risk.
14.    The business and owners of the property cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage experienced by yourselves and / or your guests.
15.    Please note that when choosing one of the Elopement at Home packages or DIY packages, you will receive an additional T’c and C’s document to sign on arrival of the tent, chairs, Little Vegas and other items.


Tel: 063 652 8978

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